Face Mask Donations

Your purchase of face masks helps us donate to local and regional healthcare workers! We use the proceeds from your face mask purchase, to buy fabric and supplies to make masks, and then donate them to healthcare workers and people in need.

Thank you so much for your support!

So far we have donated over 1,000 masks to the following:

UMC Hospital - Las Vegas, NV.
Veteran's Healthcare - Las Vegas, NV.
Healthcare Services Group - Las Vegas, NV.
Lone Mountain Baptist Church - Las Vegas, NV.
Marquis Care Skilled Nursing Home - Las Vegas, NV.
Animal Kingdom Veterinary Hospital - Las Vegas, NV.
Nurses at Spring Valley Hospital - Las Vegas, NV.
Workers at Smith's - Las Vegas, NV.
Workers at In & Out - Las Vegas, NV.
Cypress Creek Veterinary Hospital - Austin, Tx.
Needy families in 5 states - New York City, California, Washington, Texas, Nevada